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What do you need cleaned, reached, restored, installed, painted or hung? It's on our "bucket" list.

  • Windows - residential & commercial

  • Screens

  • Screen oxidation

  • Gutters

  • Coach lights

  • ​​Skylights

  • Chandeliers

  • Fans

  • Mirrors

  • ​​​​Skylights

  • Powerwashing

  • Paint removal

  • Hard-to-reach bulb replacement

  • Paint removal

  • Hard water deposit removal

  • Post construction windows clean-up



  • Interior painting

  • Christmas lights strung

water purifier.jpg

Benefits of the B & M Window Cleaning Water Purifying System

Imagine having your windows cleaned and rinsed with 100% pure water that leaves nothing but a spot-free, residue-free sparkle behind, no matter what condition the water in your home water is in. 


Four Types of Filtration, 100% Clean

Our water purification system filters out sediments such as rust and solids; the carbon filter removes chlorine; the reverse osmosis (RO) filter removes all but 2% of total dissolved solids and the de-ionization filter brings that number down to 0%. That's pure clean.

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